Pastor Kenneth W. Massey

Kenneth W. Massey was born and raised in Nashville. His family includes wife, Judy; daughter Mrs. Julie O’Brien (Bret) and son, Lance Massey (Stefanie). Julie and Bret Have two daughters, Millie and Maggie. Stefanie and Lance have a daughter, Ava.
Bro. Massey has pastored eight churches located in Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana. He has served our church since October 1, 2007.

Massey – Rader Debate

Louisville, Kentucky

May 10, 11, 13 & 14, 1982

Kenneth W. Massey   vs   Donnie V. Rader 

(Missionary Baptist)                (Church of Christ)



“The Scriptures teach that water Baptism is for (in order to obtain) the Remission of past sins”

Rader affirms  –  Massey denies

“The Scriptures teach that one is Saved before and without water Baptism”

Massey affirms  –  Rader denies


One of my mentors in the ministry, Bro. W. T. Russell, was challeged to a debate by Mr. Donnie V. Rader. Because Bro. Russell’s health was failing, he asked me to go in his place.  I agreed and he served as my moderator, which was of the utmost benefit.  May each of you who listen to these proceedings let the Scriptures speak truth to your heart.  To God be any and all glory!


Recordings of the debate are available for download here.  There are four two-hour sessions representing each evenings proceedings.  The downloadable files are .mp3’s and each is approximately 110 MB in size.

To download a file, simply place your cursor on the desired file name and right-click, chose “Save Target As” and click and download the file to your device or preferred location.


Session 1 (2:01:44) 111MB

Session 2 (2:00:25) 110MB

Session 3 (2:00:46)  110MB

Session 4 (1:58:38)  108MB



How to Become  a Member of Murfreesboro Missionary Baptist Church

By Profession of Faith and Baptism:

If you have believed in Jesus Christ to the saving of your soul and can testify to this, and will follow Him in baptism by immersion, we will welcome you into our fellowship.


By Letter of Recommendation:

If you are a member of another Baptist Church of this same faith, but feel God is directing you here, we will be pleased to welcome you into our church family.  We will gladly take care of all details for transferring your membership.


By Baptism from Another Denomination:

If you know in your heart you are saved and want to become a member of Murfreesboro Missionary Baptist Church, we invite you to join by baptism.  Your testimony to salvation and baptism by our church shows your obedience to God’s leadership.